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For a high school student, that "one moment in time" often looked forward to is graduation. Borrowing a phrase from Whitney Houston, 257 Spanish Fork High School seniors had their one moment Thursday.

Graduating senior Chris Jones challenged students to get out of safety zones and experience life to the fullest. "A ship is safe in the harbor, but that's not what a ship is for. We've got to set goals and face challenges with all our heart and soul. I think we have to pull up our anchors and leave the harbor and set out to sea."Senior class president Jason Payne said the opportunities are limitless. "In these times there are very few limits on our horizon. Take this moment in time as a start toward your future."

Valedictorian Brooke VanAusdal told students that graduation introduces a new time for doing and achieving, that the door is open for those willing to take initiative.

Randy Reid, one of two senior class salutatorians, said the future depends on the class of 1989. He paid tribute to some of the nicknamed members of the senior class, and said that with names like that the class of '89 is bound to leave its mark.

Co-salutatorian Jerod G. Johnson said high school trains a person to be unique, which will be useful to help a person avoid becoming ensnared by social trends. He said graduation is a time to "remember what we now leave behind."

Members of the class also paid tribute to outgoing Principal Lynette Valencia, who class members said made a great impact on the lives of all the students she associated with.

Senior Tami Barber paid tribute to two students who would have graduated with the class. Jeremy Perkins died in 1982 of a stroke after heart surgery. Tyler Hunter died earlier this school year in an automobile accident. "Our hearts are especially with you today," she said.

Philip Robertson and Jason Davis sang "Friends," a song that says, "A life is not too long to live as friends."

The ceremony also featured the song "I'm on my way," sung by nine graduating senior girls, and "One Moment in Time," sung by Spanish Fork High School's Senior Ensemble.