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It could become the summer, fall and winter of Bountiful residents' discontent as crews start replacing one of the city's major thoroughfares in early July.

The $2.6 million Orchard Drive widening project is expected to keep some parts of the street closed from July 1 to Jan. 1. Some homeowners will be forced to park on side streets, endure crews working early morning and late-night hours, and motorists will be asked to find alternate routes.The two-lane road will be replaced by a concrete five-lane road - two lanes each direction and a left-turn lane - from Fifth South to 2250 South, Jack Balling, city engineer, said.

Construction will be done in eight sections. Each section is not expected to be closed for the entire construction period ranging from 14 to 25 days. Construction hours will be from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day except Sunday.

Balling said the extended construction hours are necessary in order to complete the project before January. "They (the residents) will just have to put their earplugs in," said Balling when asked about residents' sleep being interrupted.

"We encourage the property owners to park on the side streets during the construction period and to stay out of the construction zones. The concrete must cure seven days before traffic can drive on the surface," Balling said.

Full funding, including a $547,000 cost overrun, for the Orchard Drive project was approved after another stormy hourlong debate Thursday afternoon by the Wasatch Front Regional Council, a multicounty agency that allocates federal funds for road projects.

Sandy Mayor Steve Newton tried for two months to block the additional appropriation of federal funds, saying the project violated the Wasatch Front Regional Council's funding policy by exceeding a 10 percent cap on overruns.

The council members agreed the road project - which has ballooned from its original $1 million cost estimate a decade ago to over $5 million - has exceeded cost estimates but also agreed to the final appropriation.

The project will include the removal of all existing road surface, curb and gutter, sidewalks, power poles and street lights. The Federal Highway Administration will pay for 91 percent of the project cost. The city will pick up 9 percent of the tab.

The project will also include:

-New traffic signals at intersections with Fifth South, Mill Street and 18th South with mast-arm poles.

-An underground storm sewer from Mill Creek to 21st South with 37 inlet boxes.

-A new 4-foot sidewalk on each side of the street.

-New street lights with steel mast-arm poles.

-New street striping and safety signs.

-Installing all power lines, telephone lines and cable TV lines underground.

-Replacing drive entrances, retaining walls, steps and walks as necessary to property bordering the street.

-Relocating sprinkling systems and placing of sod in the 5-foot easement along the sidewalk.

Residents along the street are scheduled to receive a flier about the project. For problems or information, call the Bountiful City engineer's office at 298-6125, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.



Road-widening project


Fifth South to 10th South 25 days

Mill Street to 14th South 25 days

11th South to 15th South 18 days

14th South to 18th South 23 days

17th South to 2050 South 20 days

20th South to 22nd South 16 days

2150 South to 2250 South (east side) 14 days

2150 South to 2250 South (west side) 14 days

NOTE: The exact sequence of closures has yet to be determined by the contractor and city.