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Because graduation is merely the first peak in life's mountain climb, graduates must keep their sights on loftier heights, the Timpview High School class of 1989 was told during commencement exercises Thursday night.

"When we accomplish any one thing, we see a new objective spreading ahead of us," senior Michael Lee told his fellow 317 graduates. "Now look to the future and what is ahead of you."Lee was one of five seniors to address graduates and this year's graduating theme, with a quote from William H. Danforth: "You have a fourfold life to live: a body, a brain, a heart and a soul - these are your living tools. To use and develop them is not a task. It is a golden opportunity."

Timpview Principal Kay W. Laursen presented the graduates, and Provo Board of Education member David G. Weight accepted them, at ceremonies in the Brigham Young University Marriott Center.

Jennifer Brown told students that they have only one life in which to nurture the characteristics of their fourfold lives, "but it is enough if we use it to develop our potential."

She said Timpview students excelled the past year in individual and collective development. "We, the class of '89, have many things to look back on with pride, but even more to look forward to with hope."

Deanne Pope said students must conjointly develop their bodies, brains, hearts and souls.

"If we exercise three and ignore the fourth, part of our development is stunted. To be a whole person, we must strengthen all four."

Thomas Myers, quoting from author Robert Fulghum, told graduates all they ever really need to know they learned in kindergarten. And he admonished them to heed the Dick and Jane books by looking around them.

"Look at our living tools and appreciate them. Look to our future and set our sights high."

Eric Larson, who delivered the welcoming address, reminded graduates of their many academic, artistic, athletic and service accomplishments.

"Now we must look forward to the future," he said. "All of our dreams need to start somewhere, why not out of high school?"

The Timpview Symphonic Band and A Cappella Choir provided commencement music, and prayers were offered by Jonathan Hill and Grace Boekweg. Camille Marie Cochran led students in the Pledge of Allegiance.