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Southerners are generally the heaviest Americans, Westerners are the thinnest, even though Seattle residents eat the most Hershey bars and people in Los Angeles and San Francisco are the top consumers of Haagen Dazs ice cream, Self magazine reports.

The magazine's survey of "regional food belts" showed Southerners eat the greatest amount of fast food, and people in the Midwest are the biggest per capita consumers of processed meats. Northerners drink more alcohol than anyone else and like to fill their plates with pasta.The survey also said a number of cities lay claim to some unusual favorite foods. New Yorkers eat more Hershey's Kisses and Wonder Bread than any other city, Dallas denizens adore Fritos, Salt Lake City has the most Crackerjack fans, Portland, Ore., is Grape-Nuts heaven and the biggest taste for tofu lies in Los Angeles.