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An Idaho Falls mother of 10 has been named "Mother of the Year" by the national Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Sheila Ann Olsen will receive her award from President Bush in a White House ceremony June 23.Olsen, 50, was named the Idaho Multiple Sclerosis Society's Mother of the Year in March, which put her in the running for the national award.

James Phelps, chairman of the board of the Idaho chapter, said he was not surprised that Olsen had won the national honor.

"In addition to all of her other accomplishments, Sheila has been a consistent supporter of our activities and is an inspiration to all people with multiple sclerosis and to others who are physically challenged," Phelps said.

Multiple sclerosis is an incurable and often progressively debilitating disease of the nervous system that often strikes people between the ages of 20 and 40.

Olsen was diagnosed with the disease 22 years ago when she was pregnant with her fifth child. But she continues an active lifestyle that includes raising a large family and volunteering in a number of community activities. She now has seven grandchildren.