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Harrison Ford is so low key, so laid back and soft-spoken, he almost seems to be whispering. He's also quite congenial, however, and in general seems less uptight than a few years ago when reporters gathered to interview him for "The Mosquito Coast."

Some of that is doubtless due to what Hollywood refers to as "the buzz."For "Mosquito Coast" the buzz was not good. It was obvious, though no one blurted it out, that the critics who had seen the film on a Friday night weren't too crazy about it. And at the Saturday morning roundtable interviews Ford was not as open as he might otherwise have been.

But for "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," the reason Ford has consented to let the press descend on him again, the buzz is good. And Ford is more open. The smiles on the faces of the film critics who surround him and their enthusiastic questioning has to be a factor.

Not that I will pretend to be able to size up Ford or anyone else from a superficial half-hour of questions and answers at a table with eight other journalists. But this time out Ford was a very pleasant host and answered every question as if it were the first time it had been asked. In truth, most were the same as those asked during the preceding half-hour by another table full of journalists, and those that would be asked in the next half-hour as well.