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A wheat harvest is used in Church-produced instructional materials to illustrate the value of the family record extraction program.

Among the materials is a videocassette titled "The Family Record Extraction Program, a Unique Opportunity to Serve." At the beginning, workers are shown harvesting wheat with scythes.Later, several modern combines are shown harvesting the wheat in the field, much more quickly and efficiently than the workers could with their scythes. The narrator explains: "Today an army is being called to help hasten the work of this great harvest i.e. providing temple ordinances for the deadT. Tens of thousands of volunteer workers are being called to seek out and harvest the names of all who have lived. . . . The information will be gathered together in . . . a comprehensive research file which we will use to both simplify and hasten the search for our ancestors. . . .

"Individually, we can forge ahead, one by one, locating the names of our ancestors and, name by name, linking our families together and compiling our genealogies. But by working together in the Family Record Extraction Program we can hasten this great, latter-day work to which we have been called."