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A marauding gang of as many as 40 youths, some as young as 12, rampaged through Greenwich Village wielding straight razors and an ice pick, snatching gold chains and molesting women, police said Saturday.

About 35 police officers from three precincts swept through the area near Washington Square Park about 10 p.m. Friday, after the youths got off a train from Brooklyn, poured out of a subway station and began attacking people at random, said Sgt. Maurice Howard, a police spokesman.The youths, who were armed with straight razors and at least one ice pick, rampaged through the streets north and east of the park, the sergeant said.

Police rounded up 14 of the youths - two of whom were 12 years old - between Second and Third Avenue shortly after the crime spree began, he said.

At least four people who were assaulted, and three witnesses identified 12 of the teens, who were all charged with riot and robbery, Howard said.

Police recovered an ice pick and several straight razors during the arrests, Howard said.

Authorities said there appeared to be no racial motivation behind the attacks, noting that the victims included black, white and Hispanic men and women.

The Friday disturbance recalled an incident April 19 in which a group of marauding youths went on a rampage described as "wilding" in Central Park, raping and beating an investment banker. The woman has come out of a coma and is recovering at a Manhattan hospital. The youths were arrested.