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No matter the outcome of the U.S. Olympic Committee's June 4 meeting to determine the U.S. bid city for the 1998 Winter Olympics, Salt Lake organizers will gather afterward for some sort of celebration.

"If we win, let's have a great party. If we lose, let's have a great wake," said Tom Welch, chairman of the Salt Lake Winter Games Organizing Committee.Welch gathered members of the Salt Lake Winter Games Organizing Committee Thursday night for a final strategy session before 50 committee members leave for Des Moines, Iowa, for the city's bid presentation to the USOC.

Salt Lake City must out-bid Anchorage, Alaska - a strong contender for the bid - Denver and Reno-Lake Tahoe, Nev., to win the opportunity to bid for the actual Games before the International Olympic Committee in 1991.

"If we voted today, we'd win," Welch told the committee, "but we don't vote today."

Welch said support for Salt Lake City among the USOC's 93-member executive board, which votes for the U.S. city, is favorable but could turn against the city if the board made last-minute "emotional" decisions in Des Moines.

"If it's decided on the merits, then we're going to win," Welch added.

The USOC will view half-hour presentations from each city beginning the morning of June 4. The first city to win 51 percent of the USOC vote will be the U.S. bid city.