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Jetway Systems corporate officials have filed suit asking that three fired managers be ordered to compensate the company for economic harm they allegedly caused.

The 2nd District Court suit says officials of Jetway's parent company, Abex Corp., terminated Jetway President Alfred Trimble and vice presidents Paul Royes and William Poce. The three were suspended April 14 in the midst of a planned corporate buyout.The would-be buyers, Overseas Partners, say they wanted to buy the business but were prevented from doing so by actions of Abex Corp. officials and their agents, who purportedly changed their minds about selling the company.

The prospective owners also have filed suit in a New York County court asking that they be allowed to consummate the purchase of the company, which employs 400 Utah workers and builds airline boarding gates and related products.

The Utah suit says the sale of Jetway to a Swedish company was scuttled April 15. Court documents further allege that Trimble, Royes and Poce conspired with the would-be buyers to manipulate figures to make it appear that Jetway was worth less than its fair market value.