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Sometimes we in the newspaper business consider television to be our main competition. That's true to some extent, but the two media are so vastly different that they complement each other much more than they compete.

Each medium betters the other in certain areas. TV offers mostly entertainment. And it does well with news headlines and major live events like sports contests and breaking news stories.But newspapers like the Deseret News are far superior in providing the useful, necessary information people need on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes we call this information micro-news. Some of it is presented in the form of lists. It may surprise you how many lists we run in the paper.

Our weekend editions, for example, are full of lists. In Friday entertainment sections, film critic Chris Hicks lists all the movies in town, providing minireviews, ratings, where they are playing and Hicks' star ratings. Lots of helpful information.

On the same page is a detailed calendar listing theater events, exhibits, music/dance events, things to do and miscellaneous events.

Places to eat, drink and be entertained come under a separate listing in the Friday Weekend section, in addition to the usual movie advertisements, dining out column and other features.

Sunday's sections also feature a lot of lists: best-selling books, regional travel ideas and events, upcoming business meetings and conventions, calendar of events for the coming week, art galleries and exhibits, lists of brief book reviews, a concert calendar, radio classical music schedule, a list of the biggest stories of the past week, and top-selling and top-renting videos.

Papers every day list temperatures around the country and other weather information, deaths, births, obituaries, sports box scores and statistics, plus legal notices, job openings, homes for sale and dozens of other classified advertising categories.

During the political seasons we print lists of polling places, voter registration locations and sample ballots.

Thursday's sports section features a recreational calendar, including lists of running events and other outdoor activities. We frequently print an updated fishing forecast listing the state's major fishing waters and where the fish are biting.

These lists, though only a small part of the newspaper, constitute practical, useful information that appeals to various segments of the community. No other organization or medium has the capacity to bring together all this information and deliver it to your home.

It's more evidence that your Deseret News is a great bargain, well worth the cost. The trick is to learn what's in the paper and how to use the information to enhance your life.