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Judge Memorial Catholic High School graduates were urged to use vision in building on the fragmented experiences of life as they move forward into the world.

"Vision allows us to surpass reality and achieve our dreams," said co-valedictorian Edward R. Morrison.Morrison focused on the fragmented experiences of his four-year high school career to illustrate how valuable lessons from those events allowed him to build, grow and move forward as a student and a human being.

Morrison also urged his fellow graduates to follow the admonition of the Roman poet Horace and "seize the day" but to do so with vision. "It is a worthless philosophy if it is not accompanied with vision," Morrison said. He also urged the graduates to add human compassion, peace and understanding to the effort.

Deanna P. Dannels, also a co-valedictorian, likened her years at Judge to learning new cultures and languages. She said each person enters the school from a different world and through exchanging ideas, sharing experiences and cultures, the students grew.

"Over time we broke down the barriers of what Judge was - we became Judge," Dannels said. She urged the graduates to continue sharing themselves and to continue experiencing the differences of society and to continue trying on friendships and building relationships.

The 203 graduates leave a legacy of challenge for their fellow students, said the Most Rev. William K. Weigand, bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City. When the Class of '89 entered Judge it had just been named an exemplary high school by the U.S. Department of Education. Recently, that designation was again bestowed upon the school.

The school's 65th graduating class also leaves a legacy of scholarship. The graduating students have amassed $417,000 in scholarships.