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The Utah Department of Health's Mutual-Consent Voluntary Adoption Registry has made its first match.

The match last month occurred when, 10 days after an adult adoptee applied and was included in the registry, one of that person's birth parents also applied. The next day the match was confirmed. Each has received identifying information about the other.The registry, funded entirely by $50 application fees, makes it easier for adopted people and their birth parents and siblings to find each other. A computer program compares each new application with all others in search of a match.

Although specific identifying information is confidential, bureau director John Brockert said the adult adoptee just matched was born in 1960 and placed for adoption in 1961. Both parties live outside Utah.

Brockert said some 60 people have been accepted in the registry. Most are adult adoptees. For more information, call 538-6186.