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"Adam" is back as a Deseret News comic strip.

Done by Brian Basset, "Adam" started in 1984 and was originally carried by the Deseret News. However, it was soon dropped because the strip lacked a strong focus.Now "Adam" has a solid focus, though and it returns here after a four-year absence, replacing "Dillon."

According to Basset, "Adam" is a comic strip with these simple ingredients: "take one average guy and turn him into a not-so-average househusband; blend in his working wife, their three rather active children (one still in diapers), piles of laundry, carpools and noisy neighbors and you have the trials and traumas of Adam Newman."

Basset, 32, was born in Connecticut, grew up in Virginia and attended Ohio State University. He currently lives in Seattle with his wife and two sons. He is also the political cartoonist for the Seattle Times.

"Adam" is distributed by Universal Press Syndicate, a company that also handles six other comic strips for the Deseret News, including: "Far Side," "Geech," "Herman," "Ziggy," "Calvin and Hobbes" and "Foxtrot." - Lynn Arave.