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Doubling impound fees that nearly sent Pancho the pooch to doggie heaven was a mistake, city officials say.

As a result, the city has sent refund checks to Pancho's master and to three other dog owners.Mike Pecheos brought the ordinance into the spotlight last week when he complained that the city's fees, which were doubling each time his dog was caught, would soon spell his dog's demise.

Pancho, his frisky German shepherd, had cost him $340 in impound fees, Pechoes said.

But City Manager Tom Courtney said this week that a new fee schedule created in 1987 set impound fees at $20 the first time a dog is captured and $40 the next time.

City employees took that to mean the fees would double indefinitely, and they put up a sign in the dog pound to that effect.

However, the fees were meant to remain at $40, Courtney said.