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Heavy winter snowfall is translating into good news - full reservoirs in northern Utah.

Ivan W. Flint, general manager of the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District, said that levels at eight reservoirs where the district stores water are filling well, and almost all are expected to reach capacity as the spring thaw continues."We have been very, very fortunate this year because of the good winter. Even at the reservoirs that are usually difficult to fill, Pineview and East Canyon, are near capacity." he said. "We got it where we needed it."

Currently the district's reserves are 437,700 acre-feet of water - about 89 percent of the total capacity of 492,430 acre-feet. An acre foot equals 325,851 gallons of water.

That news is heartening after the district began 1988 with only 50 percent of its two-year water supply. Flint is particularly happy about the runoff to Pineview Reservoir, the second largest reservoir in the district's system located in Ogden Canyon.

Flint mixes caution with the good news because of lower-than-needed runoff in other areas of the state and past drought years.

"In some areas across the state it is less than average. We could be back in that situation next year," he said.

Conservation of both drinking and irrigation water, supplied by the district in Weber and Davis counties, is encouraged.

"I am asking for reasonable conservation. We need to conserve as much as we can because the more we have in a dry year the better off we are. It's just like buying an insurance policy," he said.

He said that past two drought years, voluntary conservation helped lessen the impact of water shortages.

Flint said that all of the eight reservoirs are expected to fill except East Canyon and Lost Creek reservoirs. Even the reservoir with the lowest current capacity, Rockport, will be filled. Some of the reservoirs are currently kept low to assist in flood control.



Reservoir levels

Reservoir Percent

of capacity

Echo 88

Pineview 94

Willard Bay 95

Causey 88

Rockport 70

East Canyon 88

Lost Creek 89

Smith and Morehouse 86

Total 89

(Figures as of April 24.)

Source: Weber Basin Water Conservancy District