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A boundary change that will move 68 students from South Davis Junior to Mueller Park Junior High School next fall was given final approval by the Davis School Board Tuesday night.

The transfer will involve some students living in both Boulton and Muir Elementary attendance areas. While only seventh-graders are required to make the transfer, older siblings who attend South Davis will be allowed to attend Mueller Park.The areas affected by the transfer include Chelsea Cove, North Canyon area and all homes below Bountiful Boulevard inside an area to the middle of Indian Springs Road to the creek. From that point all homes on both side of Indian Springs Road to Fourth East are included.

Other areas include homes bounded by Orchard Drive, North Canyon Road, Davis Boulevard and 22nd South. Also the Muir Elementary area east of Davis Boulevard and south of the school, including both sides of Edgehill Drive and Pheasant Way, is included.

South Davis, which is overcrowded with about 1,100, is at about 122 percent of utilization. Mueller Park, has only about 73 percent utilization, which is slightly more than the 70 percent utilization required by the Legislature. The school has an enrollment of about 650.

In three years, Mueller Park is expected to gain about 190 students. After that time, Mueller Park is expected to have about 850 student and South Davis about 920 students.

About 91 percent of the families who voted in the affected areas want to change school. About 43 percent of the total families voted, a study committee report says.