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A proposal to hire a public relations firm to improve the image of Midvale, the hub of Salt Lake County, has been put on the back burner.

The public relations firm of Paneck & Porter made a pitch to the council on April 11 for a trial basis of getting the word out about Midvale's attributes and festivities.Council members, however, raised questions about the reactions of committee volunteers who might feel slighted should the city hire a service rather than use the free efforts of citizens.

"It isn't dead yet. But we're in the budget process now and I'm having money put into different committees" with the committees then determining whether to have outside PR services, Mayor Everett Dahl said Monday.

"Some of the volunteers feel like, `We can handle our own publicity,' " said Dahl, adding, "I'm letting things settle 'till we find out how much money we've got in the budget. I guess we're going through a curing process."

The pitch was that the city's economic development depends heavily on how the city of 12,000 is perceived. And with negative news such as problems with Sharon Steel need to be countered with information about Midvale's low taxes and high level of services, proponents said.