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The Bureau of Reclamation will hold two public hearings in Utah next month to discuss amendments to its environmental impact statement on the Diamond Fork project, bureau spokesman Barry Wirth says.

The Diamond Fork system is part of the Central Utah Project's Bonneville Unit. It includes a dam, hydroelectric power plant and diversion system in Diamond Fork Canyon, east of Spanish Fork."Because of changing conditions, the recommended plan evaluated in the final environmental impact statement has been revised," said Wirth, to include varying uses of the system's water for agricultural, industrial and municipal use along the Wasatch Front.

The hearings will be June 20 in Salt Lake City and June 21 in Provo, he said. People wishing to file written comments have until June 29 to submit their letters to the bureau's Upper Colorado Regional office.

In addition to its water storage and diversion capabilities, the Diamond Fork project also would provide recreational opportunities to northern Utah residents, plus flood control features and fish and wildlife habitat.