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West Jordan High School's Peer Leadership team, a group of 12 that discourages drug abuse by other students, has worked with nearly 3,000 elementary school students and sponsored major anti-drug campaigns during the current school year.

Among its accomplishments: skits presented to fifth- and sixth-graders on the hazards of drug use and the value of self-esteem; National Red Ribbon Week activities, with booths manned during lunch periods, banners posted and sponsorship of "It's My Life," a musical by Utahn Carol Lynn Pearson; and a drug-free generation year-end emphasis.The peer group is posting banners and selling balloon-a-grams wishing graduating seniors a drug-free graduation. "You can't have a future if you don't live to see it," the group's members are telling graduates.

On the leadership team are Leesa Udy, Brian McGill, Lieca Takenaka, Bill Killpack, Janena Jewell, Benjy Nielsen, Natalie Nichole, Stephanie Dahn, Tiffany Kuehne, Todd Palmer, Jason Perry and Kara Bowen.