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TeleCheck, a check acceptance and guaranty company owned by McDonnell Douglas Corp., has opened an office in Murray to service the Utah area.

The Utah office includes two representatives who establish new accounts and service existing customers. Several local auto dealers are among the company's clients, said Shar Henry, sales manager of TeleCheck's Rocky Mountain District office in Denver.She explained that the TeleCheck system serves shoppers with fast easy approval of personal checks and merchants receive a guaranty on any approved check.

When a check is presented for payment, the clerk contacts TeleCheck by phone or a point-of-sale terminal for a 20-second verification to see if the check can be honored. The system's database has access to financial institutions from around the country and Canada.

"Our system does not access a customer's credit history or bank account. Our database contains only the names of those people who presently have an outstanding check not honored by a bank," Henry said.