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To the editor:

It's time to say thanks to Delta Air Lines - a great contributor to the state of Utah.As a citizen who travels, and one who cares about our state, I want to commend Delta for its outstanding community involvement, as well as courteous and dependable service.

Delta's district marketing director, Fred Rollins, is deeply involved with the economic development of our state. He works with the Greater Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, the Visitors and Convention Bureau, Ski Association and Utah Economic Development Corporation - to name a few. Delta's entire Utah staff is active in many civic endeavors. They serve as volunteer workers and invest in their own "Fair Share" program.

Utah is fortunate because Delta has elected to keep Salt Lake City as a major hub of operations and is, in fact, expanding its services in Utah. At the present time, there are approximately 4,300 employees based in our state - each of whom contributes to our overall economy and quality of life. We Utahns need to realize an important fact! Delta Air Lines generates at least $250 million per year into our state's economy.

I, for one, am proud to have Delta in our midst - and very happy that Utah was selected as one of its major hubs. I hope we can keep them here for a very long time.

Jackie Nokes Klas

Salt Lake City