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Fast action by a Clearfield police officer and paramedics is credited with saving the life of a 2 1/2-year-old Clearfield boy who severed an artery in his neck shortly before noon Tuesday.

The boy, Tristan Sumpter, a son of Jerry Sumpter, was playing on or near a glass table in the basement of his home at 1157 W. 1045 South in Clearfield when the accident occurred, according to Davis County sheriff's office paramedics.The table broke and a shard of glass penetrated Tristan's neck, cutting the carotid artery, paramedics reported.

Clearfield police officer Tony Reyna reached the scene first and stemmed the flow of blood, with paramedics from the sheriff's office arriving a few minutes later. The boy lost about a liter of blood and had no vital signs, paramedics said.

Paramedics Neal Wagner, Scott Larsen and Dave Fluckiger administered an IV, put shock trousers on the boy, and started a second IV, which restored his pulse and blood pressure. He was then airlifted to Primary Children's Medical Center.

After surgery, Tristan was removed from the critical list and is expected to recover, according to a medical center spokesman.