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Although employees of Morris Air Service and Morris Travel/Ask Mr. Foster are still unpacking boxes, the two companies are getting settled in their new building at 260 E. Morris Ave.

June Morris, president and chief executive officer of Morris Air Service, said the move was completed last Friday and this week noted the telephones and computers, the items most necessary for operating the travel service, are working.A grand opening will be held in June, she said.

Featuring an ample supply of glass in the interior, the four-story building was developed by the Boyer Co. with Interwest Construction Co. as the contractor. It contains 60,000 square feet of space and will be occupied by both companies.

Morris started Morris Travel in September 1970 at 3420 S. State, but four years ago the company split into the two companies with her son, Richard W. Frendt, becoming president and chief executive officer of Morris Travel/Ask Mr. Foster.

As they grew, the companies moved into three buildings at 361 W. Lawndale Drive, and after more growth, getting the two companies into the same building was a necessity for efficiency, Morris said.

Located near I-80 for convenience of its customers, the new building also resulted in the South Salt Lake Council changing the name of the street from Roberts Avenue to Morris Avenue, Morris said.