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Small-business owners in Rich, Summit, Box Elder, Cache, Tooele and Weber counties have until June 12 to apply for financial assistance for drought-related losses, officials said.

Working capital loans of up to $500,000 at 5 percent interest are available through the Small Business Administration. The money will help businesses meet financial obligations that would have been paid were it not for the 1988 drought, SBA officials said."Small, non-farm businesses and small agricultural cooperatives that suffered substantial economic injury as a result of the 1988 drought reducing revenues to farmer and ranchers are eligible to apply for financial assistance," SBA district director Gerald Randall said.

"Applicants must demonstrate substantial economic injury and must be unable to offset such injury through use of their own credit and personal resources."

Information on applying for SBA financial aid can be obtained by writing SBA, Box 13795, Sacramento, CA 95853-4795, or calling 1-800-468-1710.