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As you might expect, we get numerous calls and letters at the Deseret News.

Some are positive and supportive. Some are of the "Dear Sir, you cur," variety.In the weeks I've been writing this column, my mail and time spent on the telephone have increased considerably.

-One fellow wrote to say we have too much advertising in the paper. Running several full page ads in the A section is a form of deception, he said.

Our perspective on advertising is much different, of course. Advertising makes it possible to have a newspaper. It pays reporters' salaries. The more advertising we have, the more space for news we have. And, believe it or not, most readers actually like the advertising.

-Another reader called to say we have too much news about the Holocaust and he doesn't believe that 6 million Jews were killed. A womanwanted to talk about how all government officials are corrupt, lazy and immoral. Another wrote to say that running a strip of news down the side of a page with a large ad is stupid when we could run the news across the top. She included diagrams.

If you've written and I haven't gotten back to you yet, please be assured that I will do so.

-We also recently received 20 letters from students from Kaysville Junior High School. The letters were, no doubt, part of a class project, but it was clear the students had been reading the Deseret News and had a good grasp of current events. We printed a few of the letters as letters to the editor, and we want the other students to know we appreciate their efforts.

The student letters ranged over all sorts of topics: putting youth gang members to work in conservation camps; women and the priesthood; politicians' salaries; and why the Deseret News does so much with boys sports and so little with girls sports.

-All of the communication back and forth keeps us in touch with the community and what our readers are thinking. And I hope this column will help keep you in touch with the newspaper and why we do the things we do.

-Once in a while we get a call or letter that belongs in the "You Figure This One Out Dept." A lady called my secretary, Kari Morandi, to say she was canceling her subscription to the daily Deseret News and the Sunday Salt Lake Tribune because she doesn't like the billing procedures.

Kari happened to ask her why she took the Deseret News on weekdays and the Tribune on Sunday. The woman replied it was because she wanted to see the R- and X-rated movie ads in the Tribune and wanted to get the Church News in the Deseret News! (By the way, there are no more X-rated movie ads, so movie ads are the same in both papers.)