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The City Council has placed on the November ballot a proposal to dissolve the city's 38-year-old charter, replacing the form of government with an executive mayor and legislative city council.

Ogden and Tooele are the only cities in the state with a government set by a city charter.Dissolving the charter would place the city under state law as to the basic structure of municipal government.

The ballot question will call for a strong mayor-council alternative in the state optional forms of government statute to replace the charter government and would become effective in late 1991.

The mayor's position would grow from a part-time council chairman to a full-time elected administrator. Dissolving the charter also would expand council terms of office from two years to four years and stagger them.

The entire seven-member council now comes up for election every two years. A five-member council would be created, with the mayor not a member.

Dissolving the charter also would eliminate the city manager position.

During two hours of debate Tuesday night, Mayor L. Clifford Goff and Assistant Mayor Barbara Dirks pushed for the ballot question, with Councilmen Robert De Boer and Robert Higginson resisting.