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Efforts are under way to organize a motel association in Garfield County.

About 15 motel owners recently met to discuss organizing a Garfield County Motel Association. The idea behind the move is to promote tourism, although they said the county's travel council is doing an excellent job in that regard. The effort to organize the group is being spearheaded by Jean Seiler, tourism specialist.Motel owners said they have special needs in common and pledged to work as a separate entity but in cooperation with the Garfield Travel Council. Bylaws will be adapted from those of the Utah Motel/Hotel Association.

Suggestions included correcting some information in future publications of the Color Country Accommodations Guide and Travel Planner; having a countywide 800 telephone number that could be called for reservations; including a list of all motels in the county in the Bryce Canyon Country Summer Vacation Guide published by the Garfield County News; and extending distribution of the publication to tourist information centers in Salt Lake City, St. George, Hanksville and Page, Ariz.