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"Do you need any help?"

The question seems to be always on Vicki Pitzer's lips. She has been a member of the Mobile Hospital Intervention Team of the Rape Crisis Center, helping manage the schedule of volunteers, training them and acting as volunteer liaison to the board of directors.Volunteers on the mobile team are on call for 12-hour shifts. If a rape or assault has occurred within 72 hours, the victim may go to the hospital. Volunteers arrange to be at the hospital within a half hour of receiving the information. There, they provide counsel and comfort, act as advocates, give options about what can be done at that point and stay in the examination room while evidence is collected from the victim's body.

According to a nomination for a Salute to Volunteers award, "Vicki is dedicated in her responsibility to the victim. She is there to follow up and give support when necessary. She is willing to be contacted at work to help give that comfort and support."

Pitzer's employed full time as a legal secretary and is a single mother raising five children. And in her spare time she does free-lance opera singing.

If you'd like to inquire about, or volunteer for, any of the following requests, call the Voluntary Action Center of the Community Services Council, 212 W. 13th South, 486-2136.

Help set up and take down arts festival. June 16-20 and 21-25.

Help with weekend activities at nursing home.

Meet and greet tourists at airport, Great Salt Lake and downtown offices.

Answer phones at planetarium.

Help prepare food for homeless, 5:30-8 p.m. daily.

Host Japanese students on cultural exchange July 23-Aug. 7.

Answer phones, do light office work for theater company.

Research for planetarium exhibit. History or English background helpful.

Work at Living Traditions Festival May 19-21.

Call bingo came for an hour Saturday mornings.

Be a docent at the zoo. Training provided.

Be a secretary half-day a week.

Volunteer in outpatient, surgery and nursing areas of hospital.

Keep score for Little League teams.

Answer phones in your home for lost animals.

Volunteer in Salt Lake City government office.

Do manicures and hair at care center.

Help first-graders with reading, correcting work books.

Transport patient to hospital.

Provide office help at care center.

Dispense and organize donated clothing.

Help with bingo, bowling, quilting, singalong, etc., at retirement center.

Work information desk or gift shop of hospital.

Help screen for glaucoma at health fairs.

Help children in parks and recreation program.

Deliver books to homebound.

Teach self-esteem, parenting or craft classes for young parents.

Provide love seat to elderly woman.

Give hair accessories and personal care items to nursing home.

Donate two single or queen-size beds to single mother who has twins. Also sheets and blankets.

Donate furniture to family that's no longer homeless.

Provide furniture for single mother and three children.

Give furniture, kitchenware to family of seven.

Provide baby furniture and other baby items.

Donate queen-size bed.

Give a hospital-type table for bedridden elderly patient.

Donate cribs, playpens, furniture for a young family.

Provide baseball equipment.

Give small bingo prizes to care center.

Donate large-size men's and women's clothing.

Provide yard tools to help elderly and handicapped volunteer project.

Volunteer Connection matches volunteers and needy agencies and individuals in the Davis County area. For information on voluntarism in Davis County, call 295-6677 or 295-6998.