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Every July 5, many people wish they could have been involved in the America's Freedom Festival at Provo Fourth of July celebration. Roy Taylor, the chairman of the festival's Grand Parade, says the parade needs those people to do more than wish.

"We're very proud of our parade, and have some new twists that will improve it this year," Taylor said. "But the key to making the parade move along smoothly is the army of volunteers on which this and most other successful parades depends."Taylor said, "Our parade volunteers keep floats, bands and other entries moving on schedule. Volunteer clowns keep children amused. First-aid volunteers assist wherever necessary. The list of volunteers goes on and on. If you are interested in helping with the Grand Parade, I encourage you to call to find out how you can help."

Potential volunteers can reach Taylor during business hours by telephoning 572-5545 or by leaving a message at 379-6910.