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A Brigham Young University associate professor of linguistics has been asked to deliver a series of lectures at one of the most prestigious institutions in Europe - the College de France.

Alan K. Melby, who was invited to give the lectures next March, has received "one of the finest honors ever to come to a member of our college," says Harold S. Madsen, chairman of the Department of Linguistics.The College de France concentrates on research. It employs 52 professors of various specialties chosen from the cream of professors at other institutions. Upon recommendation of one or more of the 52 professors and with the approval of the full assembly, visiting professors are invited to travel to Paris for one-month stays, during which they give four to eight lectures on a specific topic and exchange ideas.

In addition to filling his teaching obligations at BYU, Melby is a consultant of computer system design with Management Accounting and CMR Computer Services, a Salt Lake City accounting firm. He is also the vice president of Lingua Tech International, a Utah corporation specializing in terminology and management software and electronic dictionaries.

His fields of specialty include computer tools for translators and models of language and translation theory. Melby is the author of numerous professional publications and a member of the Linguistic Society of America, the Linguistic Association of Canada and the United States, and the Association for Computational Linguistics.