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To the editor:

It is my understanding that even prisoners such as myself are allowed constitutional rights. However, it seems as though prisoners of Utah State Prison are allowed few, if any, rights.The incoming mail is handled carelessly, often being misplaced or legal mail is opened when it shouldn't be. I know that this seems like a small matter but it is important to a prisoner, especially when he doesn't get visits.

Also, I know that smoking is probably not a Constitutional right. However, it is not fair to allow the majority of the population in prison to smoke but not allow others to smoke for false reasons.

It is extremely difficult for prisoners in this unit to get any counseling or help with our drug and alcohol problems.

Until the prison administration starts showing some concern for prisoners and treating us like people, not animals, we won't have much of a chance to change and become better people.

David Cimino

Utah State Prison