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A lottery millionaire from Colorado has decided to ante up $25,000 in back child support to avoid prosecution by Massachusetts authorities, according to his attorney.

Albert Tecci, who won a $7.1 million Lotto jackpot in Colorado on April 22, failed to pay both court-ordered and voluntary support for his children, who live in the blue-collar town of Revere, just outside of Boston, state child support officials said. The boys, who turn 8 and 9 this month, live with their mother on public assistance.Several hours after a felony fugitive arrest warrant was issued in Chelsea District Court on Thursday, state officials said they reached an agreement with Tecci's attorney in Denver for him to send the $25,000 in back child support and the warrant would be withdrawn.

State Department of Revenue spokeswoman Karen Schwartzman said the state will likely lift the criminal charges facing Tecci once the money is received and a new child support order is instituted that will allow the children to get off public assistance and "reflect Tecci's current standard of living."

State officials were tipped off to Tecci's lottery win last Thursday by a local resident who read an account of the Colorado drawing in a newspaper, according to Schwartzman.

The back support dated from 1981, Schwartzman said. Tecci had agreed to voluntarily pay support until 1986, when he and his wife were divorced. Under the terms of the divorce, Tecci was ordered to pay regular support.

Tecci faced penalties of up to a $10,000 fine and five years in prison.

Tecci and his fiancee, Cheryl Penney, who used some of their laundry money to buy the winning ticket, stayed incommunicado for several days after the winning number was announced.