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The winners of the Utah Press Women's high school journalism contest were announced recently at the organization's spring awards luncheon. By category, they are:

News: David Myers, Skyline High School, first place; Eric Peterson, Brighton, second; Derek McCandless, Box Elder, third; Dustin Morris, Skyline, and Todd Smith, Brighton, honorable mentions.Feature: Shar White and Brad Isom, Viewmont High School, first place; Danielle Bird and Ryan Anderson, Viewmont, second; Jennie Cox, Hillcrest, third; Dianna Goodliffe, Weber, Tom Carr, West Jordan, Jennifer Nielson, Hillcrest, and Larry Curtis, Brighton, all honorable mentions.

Editorial: Teressa Toombs, Hillcrest High School, first; Beth Coleman, Hillcrest, second; Bill Kilpack, West Jordan, third; Stephen L. Petersen and Jennifer Gully, Skyline, John Hughes and Scott Bohn, Brighton, Shar White and Dawna Carling, Viewmont, all honorable mentions.

Column: Paul Newman, Hillcrest High School, first; Heidi Searle, Weber, second; Shawna Code, Weber, third; Christy London, Box Elder, and Jim Healis, West Jordan, honorable mentions.

Photography: Richard Jacobsen, Weber High School, first; Ken Staker, Skyline, second; Tom Carr, West Jordan, third; Julie Winder, Box Elder, honorable mention.

Sports: Janna Conder, Hillcrest High School, first; Mike Jolley, Hillcrest, second; Michelle Garcia, Hillcrest, third; Brad Strassberg and David J. Myers, Skyline, honorable mentions.