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A boy who took a stray bullet in the chest was released from the hospital Thursday afternoon with the .22 caliber bullet still in place.

Brad Smoot, 11, 914 S. 1635 West, Orem, was watching his father use a motorized garden tiller at 5 p.m. Wednesday when he was shot, an Orem Police spokesman said."His father saw him grab his chest and fall to the ground," Detective Gerald Nielsen said Thursday. "He saw the hole in his chest and took the boy to the hospital." Smoot's father reportedly thought the tiller had thrown a rock at his son.

Nielsen said the bullet entered the right side of Smoot's chest and lodged about 2 inches in.

"The bullet traveled some distance before it struck the boy," he said. "It's likely the person who shot it doesn't know anyone was hit."

Nielsen said wildlife officials apprehended three young males shooting protected birds in a restricted park area near Utah Lake just prior to 7 p.m. Thursday.

There is no proof any of the three males shot the stray bullet, Nielsen said, but it was a possibility.