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There are those moments when all the good that sports has to offer comes hurtling at you. You're aware something special has happened, even if you're not sure exactly what it is.

One such moment happened last Saturday at the Davis High Track and Field Invitational in Kaysville.After the girls medley relay race, the team from Cottonwood jumped up and down like they were on pogo sticks while taking time to hug one another.

It was obvious they had done something positive. What they had done, really, was rather phenomenal.

After finishing back in the pack all season, the foursome of Cynthia Harbertson, Leone Boothe, Shauna Halford and Cathy Jolley not only won the event over the best teams in the state, but they obliterated the opposition, winning by almost 10 seconds with a time of 4:13.

The margin of victory and the time stunned their first-year coach, Ed Murrell, who had hoped they would get close to a time of 4:20 - their previous best being around 4:30. They achieved a quantum leap, barely missing the state record of 4:12.98 set by Alta in 1985.

Murrell says everything came together that pleasant afternoon - the many weeks of training and their dedication and enthusiasm putting them in a peak condition. "They just all of a sudden blossomed," he said. "We've said all along we were pointing for May."

It was particularly gratifying, Murrell said, because of the team's lack of success in previous years. "They're not used to doing well at meets . . . it's nice to see the hard work paying off."

Now the Cottonwood relay team must deal with success. It's gone from darkhorse to one of the favorites at the BYU Invitational this weekend and the state meet May 19-20 at BYU.

Murrell doesn't mind the favorite tag at all - it means the program is progressing. Taking charge of a losing program last fall, Murrell put his team through a rigorous year-round conditioning program that is now paying dividends. He hopes that eventually Cottonwood can develop the same type of girls track program as Weber High - the top 4A program in the state.

He's got a promising nucleus to work with - there's only one relay member who's a senior - Boothe. Harbertson and Jolley are juniors and Halford a sophomore.

Regardless of what happens this weekend at the BYU Invitational and at the state meet later this month, last Saturday the Cottonwood High School Colts did something special.