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-"Time of Violence" will become the first Bulgarian film to be screened in the United States at the 15th annual Seattle International Film Festival May 22.

The movie's director, Lyudmil Staikov, president of the Bulgarian Film Industry, and the picture's star, Anya Pencheva, will attend the screening followed by a reception in their honor celebrating their first visit to the United States."Time of Violence" was originally released in Europe last year and was recipient of a special out-of-competition honor at the 1988 Cannes Film Festival.

-John Malkovich will star with Daryl Hannah in "Crazy People," a Pararmount Pictures comedy written and directed by Mitch Markowitz.

Malkovich plays a frazzled advertising agency executive whose objective of "truth in advertising" lands him in a sanitarium where he falls in love.

The object of his affection is an inmate (Hannah) who helps the excommunicated ad man turn Madison Avenue upside down.