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Yippie co-founder Abbie Hoffman made a fortune during his years in the spotlight but he left an estate worth only about $2,000, according to a report published Friday.

Hoffman, 52, committed suicide April 12 at his Solebury Township home in Bucks County."It's not that he didn't take in a lot of money. It's just that he didn't keep it very long," Hoffman's attorney, Gerald Lefcourt, told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Hoffman's will, filed earlier this week in Bucks County, was written in 1983 and names his longtime companion, Johanna Lawrenson, as sole beneficiary. Hoffman had three children during two marriages.

Lefcourt said that in 1970 Hoffman received a check for about $40,000 after negotiating a movie contract for his book about the anti-war protests, entitled "Revolution for the Hell of It."

Hoffman immediately endorsed the check to the Black Panther bail fund.