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The student promoter of a fund-raising concert says the teenage film and television stars who appeared ran up so many bills the event made nothing and the sponsoring student anti-drug group faces $13,000 in unpaid bills.

Duc Tron, the Shelley High School student body president, said he has contacted an attorney about whether Students Against Drugs and Drunken Driving are liable for what he called excessive spending by the stars."It's safe to say a suit is being contemplated," said Idaho Falls attorney Lance Nalder.

Tron also said the motel room used by one of the stars was heavily damaged during the weekend stay for the April 22 event to raise money for a local liver transplant candidate.

Appearing at the concert were Corey Haim of the movie "License to Drive," Corey Feldman of the movie "Gremlins," Krystyne Haje and Rain Pryor of TV's "Head of the Class" and Tina Yothers of TV's "Family Ties."

Alana Rothstein of Jim Dobson and Associates, the Los Angeles company managing the teen stars, declined comment on the allegations.

The contract signed with the celebrities obligated the student group to pay for air and ground transportation, motel, meals and a fee, Tron said. Among the unpaid bills the stars and their seven adult chaperons left the student group were $7,000 for airfare and $2,500 for lodging and meals, including room-service charges for alcoholic beverages.

Tron said one of the stars, who was not identified, asked to buy cocaine from him and others during the weekend although police said there was no basis for a report that there was an attempt to obtain drugs.

In addition, Tron said when he went to the motel on Sunday morning to take the group to the airport, he found Feldman's room "trashed." There were beer cans scattered throughout, cigarette burns on countertops and carpets, the walls were covered with the remnants of what appeared to have been a food fight and the mangled telephone cord "looked like somebody had chewed on it," he said.

"We tried to promote something good," Tron said. "It turned around and we got our faces slapped."

Motel management declined comment, but Colleen Reith, who ran the limousine service for the entourage, said she spent the night at the motel and saw no evidence that the stars destroyed property. She said the damage was caused by "groupie girls" who ripped the rooms apart after the stars left.

"They were stealing sheets," she said, "anything they had touched."

Police also said there were no reports of any disturbance at the motel.