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We got yer keyboards, we got yer spas, we got yer vacuum cleaners.

In fact, at the Deseret News Home and Summer Living Show the average consumer can find just about anything he or she could want for home improvements."This is the place to come and get ideas," said Grace Harris of Salt Lake City. "My daughter wants to open her own business, so she's here for helpful hints."

There are more than 100 booths representing exhibitors from as far away as Providence, R.I. "Many of these exhibitors have recognized the value of the Deseret News Home and Living Show and have put it on their busy schedules," said Keith West, Deseret News director of promotions.

Many willing vendors are ready to help with answers, instructions, pamphlets and video displays. Yet, like the commercial, there's "no pressure, no hype."

The show, sponsored in part by the Home Builders Association of Greater Salt Lake and the Newspaper Agency Corp., continues through 5 p.m. Sunday at the Salt Palace. Approximately 20,000 people are expected to attend the free event. Doors open at 10 a.m. Saturday and close at 9:30 p.m. The show opens again Sunday at noon. Friday evening Ann Whiting Allen, food editor for the Deseret News, presented a demonstration on fun foods for a summer picnic. "With the rise in temperatures there is a rise in enthusiasm for the outdoors," said Allen. "So grab a basket and head to the wonderful woods for a picnic."

Allen said an easy, yet tasty, picnic can consist simply of a variety of specialty breads, some cheese, fruit and the drink of your choice. She also demonstrated everything from how to make unique family sandwiches to romantic gourmet picnics.

Some of the tips Allen gave for a more enjoyable and safe picnic were:

-Do not eat foods containing cream, mayonnaise products or eggs if they have been outside for longer than two hours

-Keep hot things hot and cold things cold. This can be done with the use of coolers and aluminum foil

-Pick out some of the new convenience items at your grocery store, like juice boxes or fruit, yogurt or pudding in small, portable containers.

Many people find the Deseret News Home and Summer Living Show a pleasant way to spend their afternoon or evening.

Or, as Tiffany Pulham, 7, of West Jordan said, she came just because it was "neat."