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It makes your jaws tired just to think of it!

Imagine 238,000 chewing gum wrappers (or 3-by-5 inch cards with the words Carefree Sugarless Gum written on them). That's how many of the items students at Butler Middle School in Jordan District collected over a month's time to become the gummiest school in the country in its class."We blew out all of the other middle and junior high schools," said Brandon Woolston, student body vice president. "The next highest school collected just 110,000."

The huge collection won the school $1,000 and a visit from Escape Club, a popular rock group. The musicians came to the school Friday for a 11/2-hour concert and then pressed the flesh of hundreds of enthusiastic kids during a reception.

The money will probably be used in a kids-helping-kids gesture, said Brandon.