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The ringleader of a drug smuggling cult that killed 15 people has been slain in a gunbattle with Mexico City police and his girlfriend has been captured, police said Saturday.

Cameron County Sheriff's Lt. George Gavito said Mexican authorities told U.S. investigators Saturday night that cult leader Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo, 26, was killed and that police have arrested Sara Aldrete, a 24-year-old former Texas college student described as the witch of the cult."They have confirmed that Adolfo is dead and Aldrete has been arrested," Gavito said.

The two had been sought in an international manhunt and are suspected of being the masterminds in a cult that killed 15 people in a series of ritualistic sacrifices and drug-related slayings.

Another man involved in the cult, Martin Quintana Rodriguez, also was killed in the shootout at a Mexico City residence about 4:30 p.m., said Cameron County Sheriff Alex Perez.

Gavito said he spoke by phone with Aldrete, who is in police custody in Mexico City, for about five minutes Saturday, but he would not divulge details of the conversation.

Mexico City police confirmed that two people were killed during a shootout Saturday afternoon in a supermarket and that their identity was in question.

Constanzo, 26, and Aldrete, 24, had been charged with aggravated kidnapping by Cameron County authorities and are believed to have directed human sacrifices, mutilations and the boiling of brains and other organs in rituals to bring occult protection for their drug-smuggling ring.

The ring and its macabre activities was discovered when authorities unearthed 15 bodies buried west of the border city of Matamoros, Mexico, beginning on April 11.

Constanzo and Aldrete, missing since the first 12 bodies were uncovered April 11, are among 11 people indicted in the United States on a four-count drug indictment.