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The Centennial Foundation, a private non-profit organization formed to promote Utah's upcoming centennial celebration, has been disbanded.

Max Evans, director of the state Division of History and a member of the foundation board, said the Legislature's action authorizing a state Centennial Commission prompted the decision to disband. He said members felt more could be accomplished by supporting activities of the state commission. Evans said the move also eliminates any possibility for conflict since many of the private group's leaders were public officials. All money remaining in foundation accounts will be donated to the commission.The commission is meeting bi-monthly to plan the state's centennial celebration set for Jan. 4, 1996. The commission hopes to plan a series of celebrations focusing on centennial dates of events that led to statehood on Jan. 4, 1896. The first effort by the commission is sponsorship of a logo and slogan contest slated for this fall. The winning entry will be used by the commission to promote the various events.