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The Glen Canyon Dam overlook located on U.S. 89 will be closed from May 15 until about mid-August while reconstruction of the facilities is taking place.

The overlook area is one of the accessible sites where the downstream side of the dam can be viewed or photographed. It is also the best spot to view the 600-feet-deep canyon created by the Colorado River.Park Superintendent John Lancaster said reconstruction plans include construction of a stone wall to replace the existing 6-foot-high chain link fence. The new wall will be shorter and closer to the Colorado River Gorge. The existing wooden shade structure will be razed and a new stone and wood structure will be built in its place.

"Visitors are being excluded because the work will involve the removal of the existing fence," said Lancaster.

This is a joint project between the National Park Service and the Bureau of Reclamation, with the Park Service donating the labor and the Bureau donating the materials. The construction will take approximately 12 weeks to complete.