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The Deseret News is working with "Read to Succeed: A Family Celebration," "Youth Plus" and other programs designed to stimulate literacy.

The newspaper is also continuing efforts to make reading fun, stimulating and educational through its "Family Focus" reading program.The Deseret News, KBYU-TV and KTVX-TV have teamed to make such programs work in Utah.

"Read to Succeed," a yearlong public awareness campaign aimed at promoting an understanding of Utah's literacy challenge, will be featured in a May 13 program on KBYU.

The reading promotional campaign will be highlighted at 1 and 6 p.m. on the station, with names of reading contest winners being drawn during a live part of the program between 1 and 2 p.m.

In the contest, which has a May 12 deadline, families were invited to send a family photograph and letter of 100 words or less telling how reading has helped their family and why they would encourage other families to read together.

Entries, due at 5 p.m. Saturday, should be sent to Family of the Month, KBYU, Provo, 84602. Prizes include a Disneyland family vacation and gift certificates to local attractions, stores and restaurants.

At 1 p.m. a number of Utahns will share information about reading. They are Renae Pierce, who will represent libraries; Mareid Horton, state PTA; Larry Zwaine, Pizza Hut; Lloyd Eldredge and Jean Jenkins, both of BYU; and Lilly Heinzig, Alpine School District. Sherry Madsen, coordinator of the Deseret News in Education program, will demonstrate how parents can use the newspaper at home to read with their children.

That same evening at 6, KBYU will produce an in-depth look at literacy in Utah that will include a discussion with educators, librarians, social service providers and people who lack reading skills.

Participants in the discussion will include State Schools Superintendent Jim Moss; Jim Campbell, president, Utah Education Association; Nancy Livinston, reading specialist, State Office of Education; Rachel McComber of the McComber Reading Method; Rudy Anderson, Head Start program; Marne Issacson, International Reading Association; Genelle Larsen, Deseret News staffer; Joyce Allison, Utah Literacy Coalition; Connie Cowley, Utah Department of Social Services; LaRue Gurr, community education, Granite District.

"Family Focus: Reading and Learning Together," one of the Deseret News' successful reading promotional efforts, is part of a three-year national program, said Carolyn Dickson, Newspaper in Education manager for the Desert News.

The program is designed to help parents learn new ways of working with their children at home to foster reading habits and improved reading skills. Other sponsors are the PTA, the International Reading Association and the Association of Elementary School Principals.

"It's important for parents to realize that they can solidify their child's ability to read, think and communicate. By reading with their children, parents also can build important relationships. Parents would do well to think of the newspaper as something valuable beyond getting information just for themselves," said Dickson, a former teacher in Granite and Jordan School districts. She is a member of the state Literacy Coalition, a member of the KTVX-TV advisory board of "For Kids Sake" and a former state PTA leader.