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Granite District has honored nine teachers for service to their students and their profession. The group was congratulated during the May 2 meeting of the Granite Board of Education.

They include:Joyce Eliason, second-grade teacher at Oakridge Elementary, who believes that "all children can succeed." She creates opportunities for them to do so and emphasizes the basics as a stepping stone to success. She has provided parents with a reading guide to use at home and conducts extra classes after school to help her youngsters improve math skills.

Patricia Farrell, Olympus High School teacher with an "intuitive understanding of young people." Her students learn research techniques and scholarly writing and she spends time outside class helping them individually. During a recent hospitalization, she taped daily lectures from her hospital bed.

B. Claire Spencer, social studies and drama teacher, Granite Park Junior High School. She brings her subjects to life through a lively, stimulating teaching style and has created a drama group that presents the problems of pre-teens and teenagers in a realistic format. The group takes its messages to other schools.

Linda Douglas, English teacher at Cyprus High School, who was cited for a "caring, nurturing kind regard for students." She promotes open discussion and individualized instruction and is involved in the school's high-risk program.

Hazel Peterson, sixth-grade teacher at Eastwood Elementary who sets high academic standards and demands completion of assignments, contributing to her students' feelings of success. Her classroom exudes enthusiasm, acceptance and the joy of discovery, nominators said.

Chuck Sampson, who has organized a chess club and spelling bee at Western Hills, where he teaches fourth grade. He contributes his own time to these efforts and also teaches students Spanish, operates a special class store and organizes a play each year to build self-esteem.

Joe Spendlove, Wasatch Junior High School social studies teacher, who gets high marks from students who "like the way he treats them." He incorporates humor into his discipline and teaches enthusiastically. He uses unique projects to emphasize study materials and recently created a human map of students on the school's field.

Jennifer Strassburg, who heads West Lake Junior High School's music department and has earned the respect of students, who respond by working hard. With one of the district's largest music enrollments, she still finds time to help individual students through a "caring, sensitive attitude."

Claudia Wright, Cottonwood High School, who opens up new dimensions of history for her students. She strives to know each student and offers help outside class as needed. With her, learning is fun and still challenging to the intellect, said those who nominated her.