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Horror kept its hold on the box office this past week, as Stephen King's "Pet Sematary" remained the top draw for moviegoers.

But the enormous immediate success of "K-9" was a surprise, a slight slapstick cop comedy about a detective teaming up with a police dog that was No. 2. Is James Belushi really that popular?"K-9" earned $7 1/2 million, a whopping $4,455 per screen in 1,677 theaters. In comparison, "Pet Sematary" earned $8 1/2 million, some $5,287 per screen in 1,585 theaters.

If you think that's good, however, get this: "Field of Dreams," which played on just 110 screens in a few major cities earned $1 1/2 million and came in at No. 9 last week. That's an incredible $14,340 per screen.

"Field of Dreams" finally went wide on Friday, opening all over the country, including Salt Lake City. It will be interesting to see how it does on next week's chart.

The other newcomers this week were "Criminal Law," which did respectably with $2 1/2 million, landing in the No. 4 spot, and "Loverboy," which didn't do so well, coming in at No. 8 with $1 1/2 million.