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Current political position: Majority leader, Utah House of Representatives.

Vital statistics:Age: 37.

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 190 lbs.

Born: Dec. 22, 1951; Provo.

Education: Jordan School District, Jordan High School. Bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Utah.

Family life: Married to the former Karlene Oliver. They have six children.

Profession: Real estate broker.

Political history: Chairman, Utah State Republican Party, 1987-89. Elected to the Utah House in 1982. Rules committee chairman, 1987-88. Majority leader, 1989-90.

Quote: "If I run against Wayne Owens (in 1990), I've got to make up my mind by mid-summer."

Political future: Seriously considering running against Owens in 1992. Also considering governorship and U.S. Senate in 1992.