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Current political position: None.

Vital statisitcs:Age: 48.

Height: 6'0".

Weight: 182 lbs.

Born: July 17, 1940; Coalville, Utah.

Education: South Summit School District, South Summit High School. Bachelor's degree, University of Utah. Master's degree, U. in economic geography/industrial development. Graduate work at Southern Illinois University.

Family life: Married to the former Janice Larson. They have four children.

Profession: Economic development/business location. Former state director of economic development.

Political history: Active in many Democratic campaigns. Lieutenant governor candidate with Wayne Owens in 1984. An early candidate for governor in 1987 but withdrew and never officially filed for the office.

Quote: "Since I was interested in (the governorship) previously, it's fair tosay I'm still interested in seeing that we run the best candidate in 1992. I'm not saying now, however, that I'm a candidate."

Political future: A possible gubernatorial candidate in 1992.