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The Granite School District and two officials have been cited concerning the violation of the city fire code on failing to maintain Granger High School's fire alarm, court documents show.

West Valley City Fire Marshal John Blundell said that during the six weeks the school's alarm system remained out of order, a fire in a locker sent two teachers to the hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation.The March 29 fire, set by four juveniles, burned unnoticed and filled the school with smoke before a custodian extinguished it, Blundell said.

Even after the fire, it was another two weeks before officials got the alarm system working again, he said.

"Through red tape, no one could decide who would maintain it," Blundell said.

Granite School District, Granger Principal Danny Talbot and Ross Wentworth, the district's superintendent of buildings, were cited for failure to maintain an alarm system, a Class B misdemeanor.

They are to be arraigned June 1 before West Valley 3rd Circuit Judge William A. Thorne.

Frank Willardsen, the district's assistant supervisor for support services, said only the audio portion of the alarm was knocked out when a boiler room pipe burst and damaged an electrical panel.

The school still had a visual alarm system, manually operated horns and a public address system with which to warn building occupants, he said.

"When the system failed, we immediately ordered parts. But just through normal channels. It should have been red-flagged," Willardsen said.

He said procedures had been changed and in the future such orders would be "hand-carried."